Island 2.0

Island 2.0 – Back with another one!! This is one for the movers and shakers. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/island-2.0-jersey-club-single/id1054997584


In The Air OUT NOW

Wanted to do something different. Gathered all of my experience and talent to put it down on a musical canvas. S/o to my girlfriend a.k.a Bexy on the vocals, couldn’t have done this without her. Well, here end result. I hope you like! As always, like and share! Thanks! In The Air OUT NOW


Thank You

Thank you for showing support! Send screenshot to cswag1@gmail.com I will repost and tag you on my social networks! My music is here: https://goo.gl/IgkbSa


Thank you to all my fans

Thank you to all my fans Thank you to all the fans that showed support worldwide! Over 3K downloads on #iTunes! I will continue to hit you with quality music. The song you’re hearing is called “In The Air” featuring Bexy is dropping in June. Stay tuned. A video posted by C-Swag Music (@cswagmusic) on …read in detail