New Jersey’s own professional music producer C-Swag has over 10 solid years of musical experience. Placed music on Kourtney & Kim Take New York on E! Entertainment Television. Also has music placed on Bad Girls Club on Oxygen Network via Indigi Music. Known for his original, creative and distinct sound ranging from jingles to album cuts and singles. “The world has to hear my sound and its versatility.” – C-Swag

I love making music, what can I say? Sometimes people don’t understand my passion for it saying “Oh, why are you still doing this?” or “what do you see out of it?” Then there’s those that tell me “keep grindin’ homie!” or ” DANGGG yo that song is hot!” Everybody has their own thing, this is mine. It dates back since I was 4, a lil’ young’n indeed. I had the Little Tikes piano my mother brought me. When it comes to jogging memory, its a lot of bits and pieces you remember when that young, but I remember it clearly. I would play all day just mashing the keys! It only had eight keys (a full octave) but it did just fine. After that first stage, I got my first official piano at the age of 9, A kick ass Casio keyboard. With that, I started taking piano lessons and the whole shabang. From that point, I knew that music would be a part of me and its something that I’m taking to the grave. Its my God-Giving talent or “Dharma” “Purpose in life” as Russell Simmons would say. As a teen, I was more of a listener and observer of music and I only played piano for fun, as a hobby type of thing. One day in ’03, I came together with a group of fellas (United Beat Makers) and a digital audio workstation (FL Studio). That changed my aspect of music forever. They played a big role in what influences me and they also taught me a chunk of musical knowlegde that I still reference to ’til this day. I’m constantly working on upcoming projects and working on achieving my dream to become a reality. Now, I feel like its time for you and yours to know me as an artist, a producer, a songwriter.